YKN Series Vibrating Screen

YKN Series Vibrating Screen

High strength, Big exciting force, Abrasion resistance

Adopting advanced international manufacturing technology, YKN Series Vibrating Screen is researched and developed. This machine can change the exciting force by adjusting number of secondary eccentric block, thus the different requirements about amplitude can be met.
Applications: Building materials, mining, chemical industry, cement and other industrial departments.




YKN series vibrating screen, which is successfully developed on base of 30 years experience in designing of vibrating screen and combination with advanced international vibrating screen manufacturing technology, is high-efficiency vibrating screen of high strength and large vibration force.

YKN series vibrating screen adopts lumpish eccentric vibrator of N series. The intermediate transmission connection adopts flexible connection, which is of larger amplitude and more smooth vibration, thus it significantly increases the through capacity and screening efficiency of the vibrating screen and ensures the reliability and longevity of the equipment.


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1. Stable working
Connection between motor and vibrator adopts flexible coupling, which makes torque transmission have no axial force transfer and its working more stable.

2. Optimized structure
Using the finite element analysis technology to optimally calculate the screen frame; side plate adopts the overall bending parts, on which welding crack is not easy to occur; through adjusting the eccentric block quantity, vibrator can meet the requirements of different exciting force and different amplitude.

3. Easy maintenance
This vibrating screen series adopts synchronous cog belt structure, which is lighter in weight and easier in maintenance compared with the synchronous gear; vibrator adopts external type eccentric block structure, which is more convenient in installation and teardown than the eccentric shaft vibrator and more easier in maintenance; with the universal joint connection between vibrator, the installation is more flexible.


Working Principle


YKN series circular vibrating screen is Single-quality system of forced vibration screening equipment composed of the vibration parts with the screen box and exciter, etc. and the spring as elastic component.

When working, the motor drives the exciter by the intermediate shaft and the flexible coupling to make the eccentric block of exciter rotating rapidly, and then generate the exciting force, which drives the screen box vibrating continuously. The material makes continuous projectile motion on tilted screen surface along with the screen box. When thrown up, the materials are layered, and in the process of fallen down to contact with the screen surface, the granules are falling through the sieve, the classification process of granule is completed again and again.


Specifications - Technical Data

Model Screen area(m²) Installation angle(°) Sieve size(mm) The Max. Screen size(mm) Number of vibration(r/min) double amplitude(mm) Installed power(kW) Capacity(t/h)
2YKN1860 2x10.8 20 5~150 400 800-900 5~9 22 70~400
3YKN1860 3x10.8 20 5~150 400 800-900 5~9 22 70~400
4YKN1860 4x10.8 20 5~150 400 800-900 5~9 30 70~400
2YKN2160 2x12.6 20 5~150 400 800-900 7~11 30 100~600
3YKN2160 3x12.6 20 5~150 400 800-900 7~11 37 100~600
4YKN2160 4x12.6 20 5~150 400 800-900 7~11 45 100~600
2YKN2460 2x14.4 20 5~150 400 800-900 7~11 30 150~850
3YKN2460 3x14.4 20 5~150 400 800-900 7~11 37 150~850
4YKN2460 4x14.4 20 5~150 400 800-900 7~11 45 150~850
2YKN3072 2x21.6 20 5~120 300 700-900 7~10 2×37 200~1200
3YKN3072 3x21.6 20 5~120 300 700-900 7~10 2×37 200~1200
2YKN3672 2x25.92 20 5~120 300 700-900 7~10 2×45 240~1650
3YKN3672 3x25.92 20 5~120 300 700-900 7~10 2×45 240~1650
2YKN3075 2x22.5 20 5~120 300 700-900 7~10 2×37 200~1200
3YKN3075 3x22.5 20 5~120 300 700-900 7~10 2×37 200~1200

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