C6X Series Jaw Crusher

C6X Series Jaw Crusher

Double wedge adjusting device, Elastic limit damping device

C6X Jaw Crusher is new equipment used for crushing hard or abrasiveness stones. It is possess of detachable frame without welding structure, double wedge adjusting device, elastic limit damping device and integrated motor seat, which will make C6X Series Jaw Crusher popular in the market.
Applications: Mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical, cement, refractory material, ceramics, etc.



According to well-knit processing technology and 30 years’experiences about research and development production, C6X Series Jaw Crusher was produced by optimizing structure. The equipment takes advantages of higher quality, longer life, lower cost and higher efficiency at the same energy consumption. Aiming at the hard materials, C6X Series Jaw Crusher has become typical equipment of perfect crushing because of high crushing ratio and quality wear resistant parts, which provides easier production process for customers.

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1.Optimizing crushing chamber and trajectory parameters of moving jaw can get reasonable inertial moment and crushing stroke, and higher efficiency will be obtained when energy consumption is equal to others.
2.Replacing welded machine with bolted fastening, the structure is more compact because the problem about stress concentration caused by welding is avoid.
3.Replacing plates with wedges, the discharge opening can be adjusted simply, efficiently and safely.
4.Quality materials and components are chose, and main parts are changed easily, which reduce costs effectively.
5.Replacing anchor connection with elastic position limiters and rubber damping, the crusher has reduced the impact that influences other components, which can improve its service life.
6.Integrative motor cabinet reduces mounting space.

Working Principle

Input dynamic by motor, the pulley drives eccentric shaft to make the movable jaw move upwards and downwards with SPC belt. When the movable jaw moves forth toward the fixed jaw, materials in the crushing cavity will be squashed or chopped. And then the movable jaw travels back, the chopped or squashed materials which met the requirements will be discharged from the outlet. Since the motor keeps working, the crusher will crush and discharge periodically to achieve mass production.

Specifications - Technical Data

Model C6X110 C6X125 C6X145 C6X160 C6X200
Feed opening length(mm) 1100 1250 1450 1600 2000
Feed opening width(mm) 850 950 1100 1200 1500
Power KW(Kw) 160 160 200 250 400
Speed(rpm) 230 220 220 220 200
Dimension(mm) Discharge opening(mm) T/h T/h T/h T/h T/h
0-105 70          
0-120 80 160-240        
0-135 90 180-260        
0-150 100 200-280 240-340      
0-185 125 250-360 280-410 320-470    
0-225 150 300-430 340-480 370-550 420-610  
0-260 175 340-490 370-550 430-630 470-700 620-890
0-300 200 380-550 420-620 480-710 530-790 690-1000
0-340 225   470-690 540-790 590-880 770-1100
0-375 250   520-760 600-870 650-970 850-1200
0-410 275     660-950 700-1060 930-1300
0-450 300       750-1100 1000-1500

1. Any change of European Type Jaw Crusher technical data shall not be advised additionally.

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